4 Signs of a Fake Locksmith to Watch Out For

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4 signs of a fake locksmith to watch out for big red locksmithsIf you get locked out of your car or have a problem with a lock at your home or office, you’re probably going to want help from a professional locksmith as soon as possible. Reputable locksmiths are aware of this, which is why you shouldn’t have trouble finding a provider that offers service around the clock. The downside to this issue is providers that are less reputable or downright scammers are also aware that people may feel quite panicked when they’re locked out.

Since plenty of fake locksmiths go out of their way to target people who are the most vulnerable, we want to help you avoid that type of scam by being aware of the most common signs of a fake locksmith. If a provider exhibits one or more of the traits below, your best bet is to avoid working with them and stay calm until you find a locksmith you can trust:

1. Rates That Sound Too Good To Be True

Whether it’s on the radio, a sign, online or anywhere else, if you hear locksmith services being advertised for rates that sound too good to be true, it’s almost always because they are. Fake locksmiths use this type of marketing as a way to get people to call them. And then when they show up for a service call, they will make up some excuse about why they have to charge significantly more than they advertised.

2. Fake Locksmiths Often Use Unmarked Vehicles

The next most common sign of a fake locksmith is a provider who arrives in an unmarked vehicle. It’s also worth noting that more people have caught onto this sign, which is why a fake locksmith may have markings on their car that look meaningful but upon closer inspection are simply a stock image not associated with a real company.

3. A Sudden Price Increase

If at any time during your interaction with a locksmith the conversation shifts to a significant price increase, it’s almost guaranteed that the individual you’re speaking with is only interested in getting as much money from you as possible.

4. Drilling As The Only Solution

There are times when getting a lock open can only be done through drilling. But if a locksmith provider shows up and says right away they’re going to have to drill without carefully inspecting the lock, it’s much more likely that they’re a phony than an experienced locksmith with a diverse set of skills and tools.

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