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How to Make Sure Your Halloween is all Treats, Not Trick

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Big-Red-Locksmiths-locksmith-services-in-OmahaLet’s set the scene. The doorbell is ringing. The dog is barking. Your two adorable children (ages two and three) are in various stages of dress (and undress) as you prepare for one of the most magical nights of the year – Halloween. You rush to answer the door with Rover under one arm and the candy bowl in the other. As you admire the little ghost and witch upon your porch, you hear the sickening sound of the door swinging closed behind you.

When the Love Fades, Make Sure the Keys Change

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Big Red Locksmiths - Rekey Your Home After a BreakupJust about any relationship can go south and when that happens, it’s time to evaluate more than your feelings about the matter. During these times, when you are likely fraught with emotion and a variety of other feelings too complicated to express, you can’t afford to lose sight of your personal safety and security.

At Big Red Locksmiths, we feel simply asking for the key back is not enough to ensure your peace of mind or safety. Have you stopped to wonder if copies were made as the relationship began its slow downward spiral? Did this person give a copy to their best buddy to keep in case they were ever locked out? Are they likely to return later and let themselves in without your permission?

Let the Nanny Go? Better Change the Locks ASAP!

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big-red-locksmiths-residential-home-lockout-servicesSo, the babysitter has finally gotten on your last nerve. You’ve trusted this individual with your precious children and they’ve let you down. Or, in a slightly better scenario, your children have reached that magical age where they no longer need a nanny or sitter so it’s time to let them go.

Before you let them walk out the door with their last paycheck, you’ll want to be sure you take care of another most important detail. If you are like most, you’ve not only entrusted this person with your children; you’ve also given them a key or code access to your home. When someone is dismissed, even under the best of circumstances, it’s time to make sure that privilege is revoked.

When To Call A Locksmith To Open A Safe

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Safe-Opening-Omaha-Locksmith-ServicesSafes are designed to keep your personal and business assets secure but there are times when the safe, no matter the quality, will not open. At Big Red Locksmiths, we cannot say it enough that regular safe maintenance can go a long way to keep the unit operational. But there are several instances when you may need to call a locksmith to open a temperamental or stuck safe lock:

Can a Broken Key be Copied?

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big-red-locksmiths-residential-home-lockout-servicesKeys can break and when they do, you’re left with the problem of trying to find the quickest and most affordable solution. Big Red Locksmiths in Omaha often gets asked if it’s possible to copy a key that is broken and the answer is, it depends. Truthfully, it is almost always possible to copy a broken key. If there are enough pieces left an experienced technician can take the information contained on those existing pieces and create a copy.

Save Time, Money & Frustration – Let Us Replace Your Car Key

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Big Red Locksmiths - Preventing Auto Lockouts in OmahaThere are few things in life more frustrating than having to replace a lost or broken car key. If you are lucky, you have a spare; but for many, this little inconvenience can become a real headache when there is no second set and you need to get back on the road.

At Big Red Locksmiths, we’ve seen this problem literally hundreds of times and can identify several ways you can address the problem. Each has its merits and all vary in cost and the amount of time you’ll need to resolve the issue. Depending on the type of key you have and the age of your car, you’ll need to consider just how tricky it can be to replace that lost or broken key.

Thinking About Installing a Safe in Your Home?

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Safe-Opening-Omaha-Locksmith-ServicesYou don’t need to own expensive jewelry or have a large stash of cash to justify installing a safe in your home or residence. For some, the convenience of keeping valuables close at hand is important. For others, they wish to live in peace of mind knowing they have a designated place to store valuables such as papers and documents in the event of a natural disaster. And, for hunters and residents with little ones, they use a safe to secure and store weapons such as guns or knives.

No matter the reason for needing a home safe, one of the hardest decisions is determining exactly where to place that safe inside of your home. Convenience is important, but you’ll want to be sure the safe itself and your valuables are located in the best place to ensure they are protected from the three biggest threats: burglary, fire, and flood.

Commercial Security Shortcuts Can Cost You Big

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Big Red Locksmiths - 3 Reasons to Rekey An Omaha Office BuildingBusiness owners like to save money whenever they can but commercial security really shouldn’t a place to take shortcuts. Securing a building to keep unwanted intruders out is only part of the challenge. Every door and lock in your place of business should be working for you to keep your building and employees safe. 

What To Do When Your Key Breaks Off In The Ignition Or Car Door Lock

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Big-Red-Locksmiths-Car-Lockout-Key-ReplacementYou wouldn’t think it is a common event for a key to break off in the ignition or door, but as Omaha locksmiths, we can tell you it happens a lot. And, according to automotive owners, never at a good time! Unfortunately, keys can break at any time and for a variety of reasons including simple wear and tear or excessive force on the part of the driver. These breaks typically happen in the ignition or in the lock if there is immense pressure applied when a driver is trying to open a door or start the car. The great news is, with specializing in auto locksmith services, Big Red Locksmiths can have you back on the road in no time (store our number in your phone for future use 402-554-0499).

At Big Red Locksmiths, we hope this never happens to you, what if it does, below we’ve provided commonly asked questions and answers around key breakage and extraction.

What it Takes to be the Best Locksmith in the Omaha Metropolitan Area

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big-red-locksmiths-residential-home-lockout-servicesEvery year businesses in Omaha line up to be rated as “the Best of” something. Whether it’s an online rating system through a search engine or social media, or a more organized effort where businesses are nominated and then rated by the individuals in the community, everyone would like to be (and often claims they are) “the Best.”

Capturing the attention of and receiving recognition from area consumers is important for any business, but what often gets lost in the calculation of points, online ratings and award lists are the actual qualities that really make a business “great.” For a professional locksmith service, awards are nice, but there’s more to being the best professional in town. Below we provided a few key things that truly make a difference in the quality of craftsmanship and ultimate satisfaction with locksmith services for your home, car, or business. 


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  • "Unfortunately/fortunately I have had the need to use Big Red several times in the past. They are always so professional, on time, responsive and pleasant to work with. HIGHLY recommend putting them in your contacts so you have the number when you need it most."

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