When To Call A Locksmith To Open A Safe

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Safe-Opening-Omaha-Locksmith-ServicesSafes are designed to keep your personal and business assets secure but there are times when the safe, no matter the quality, will not open. At Big Red Locksmiths, we cannot say it enough that regular safe maintenance can go a long way to keep the unit operational. But there are several instances when you may need to call a locksmith to open a temperamental or stuck safe lock:

Lost Key/Combination

This situation happens a whole lot more than you might imagine. Sometimes it’s a matter of simply forgetting the combination or where the key was stashed, or perhaps you’ve inherited Grandma’s jewelry but not the combination to open her safe. Much like a home lockout situation, this is a good time to call a professional locksmith in Omaha to help solve your safe lockout problem. Safes are a lot more complex to open because they are designed to be. In order to keep the contents inside and the safe itself undamaged, you’ll need to call a reputable locksmith in Omaha for help.

Just remember, proof of ownership, as well as identification, is needed before any lock expert can assist with this effort.

Jammed Bolt

Even though safes are designed to be mechanically precise, the locking bolts inside can jam for a variety of reasons. For example, bolts can become misaligned if there has been a force applied. Or, if regular safe maintenance hasn’t been done, the bolts can lock up preventing it from opening. Moving a safe from one location to another is another way that jammed bolts might occur and you’ll know you have a problem when the locking mechanism refuses to rotate to allow the door to be opened. There are no easy DIY alternatives here so skip a headache and call an Omaha locksmith.

Shift Happens

Especially when speaking of older combination safes, it is possible that a known combination won’t open it due to a slight shifting that can occur over time. You can try adjusting the known combination slightly (altering the numbers +/- one digit each) to see if the shift is the cause of the issue. If, after multiple tries the combination adjustment doesn’t open the safe, you’ll want to give Big Red Locksmiths a call. Once open, we highly recommend you to get on a regular schedule to keep the safe maintained and functional so this problem doesn’t recur.

Damaged Lock

It happens more often than we would like that safes can’t be opened because they’ve been damaged by burglars, or unauthorized persons trying to gain entry. Once this type of damage has occurred to a safe, even having the right combination or key may not help. If damage to the locking mechanism has occurred, you’ll definitely want to call an Omaha locksmith to help you open the safe, then repair the damaged lock.

Please know that trying to pry or force the broken lock yourself can cause additional damage that results in more costly and time-consuming repairs, so resist the urge to finish what the bad guys started.

Damaged Wiring

Many safes today rely on advanced electronics to safeguard their contents and it isn’t uncommon for the internal wiring of these safes to become damaged. The wires themselves are what sends the signal from a keypad to the internal locking bolts and if the signal is interrupted for any reason, it won’t open.

Before calling a professional, make sure you don’t simply need to replace a battery to power the keypad. If you aren’t able to troubleshoot and solve the problem yourself, you’ll need to call a locksmith to help.

Time Delay/Lockout Mode

Speaking of electronics, most safes that rely on electronic technology to keep your belongings safe also employ some time of time lock feature to prevent multiple failed attempts to open it. Some businesses also use time delay technology to make the safe only accessible to authorized personnel at a given time of the day. While this can provide added security, it can also be a real problem when an inadvertent lockout situation occurs and the safe needs to be accessed. Again, that’s what we are here for, to help you solve the problem!

Many of the issues described above can be prevented by having your safe in good working order with regular safe maintenance. But, if a safe lockout has happened to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Big Red Locksmiths.

Can’t get your safe open? Big Red Locksmiths can help. We also repair and restore damaged safes and have a large selection of new safes available for purchase. Call us at 402-554-0499.


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