Confused About Choosing the Right Door Lock for Your Home?

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4 signs of a fake locksmith to watch out for big red locksmithsDoor locks serve two important purposes: first, they keep you and your family safe and secure inside your home; and second, they are an important barrier and deterrent for keeping others who shouldn’t have access to your home, out. With such an important purpose, choosing the right door lock isn’t something to be taken lightly.

There are a lot of options when selecting door locks for your home, each with a slightly different intended use and purpose. Taking a moment to learn the differences can help you make the right choice for keeping your home and family secure.

Types of Door Locks for Homes & Apartments

Deadbolt locks

Called “dead” because the bolt is not operated by a spring. It is manually operated by a key or turn of the thumb from inside the door. The throw bolt extends inside the doorframe when in use and prevents someone from prying a door open.

Dummy locks

These are non-functioning locks used for decorative purposes only. They do not latch and provide no level of security.

Entry locks

These include two doorknobs that can be locked from either the inside or the outside by turning or depressing a small button. A key is required to unlock the door from the outside. This is considered a medium security locking option.

Mortise locks

This lock consists of a flat box that fits into the edge of the door. It can be purchased in left- or right-handed styles and includes a pin tumbler locking mechanism inside a cylinder. A latch operates from either side (unless the outside knob is locked) and has a deadbolt that is operated by a turn of the inside knob. A key from the outside operates both the dead- and latch-bolts.

Passage locks

Used for interior installations such as in hallways or closets between rooms where privacy isn’t a priority. It has two, non-locking knobs, one on each side of the door. Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes and typically coordinate with home décor selections.

Privacy locks

Also for interior installations when privacy, not security, is the motivation (as in bathrooms). There is a locking button in the inside knob, but no key device for the outside. The lock can be opened from the outside by inserting a narrow object through a small hole in the outside knob, which releases the locking mechanism.

Although many of these door locks can be purchased at any major retail or hardware store and are easy for homeowners themselves to install, it is always a good idea to use a professional locksmith to correctly install those door locks that serve a security purpose. It is very common for new door locks to involve installation challenges such as the need to re-position strike plates, having to re-drill holes to the appropriate depth, and ensuring all mechanisms work freely and are in alignment.

The wide variety of door locks can seem overwhelming, but the most important consideration is to keep the intended purpose in mind. As new options become available (like keyless entry or wireless home security options), and, as a home ages, it is a good idea to reevaluate door locks and home security objectives.

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