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Do You Know Who Else Has Keys To Your Home?

When people move into their new home, they may not be the only ones with the keys. Previous owners often leave spare keys with family, friends, and neighbors. Protect your privacy and let Big Red Locksmiths change or re-key your locks.

What Do You Do When Your Safe Is Failing?

If you have trouble opening your safe or you have to input your combination numerous times before the safe opens, do not wait until it stops working completely. Big Red Locksmiths can help you by fixing your safe before it fails completely and save you money in the long run.

Do You Know Where to Get the Best Deal for Car Keys?

Do you know that if you are looking for a transponder key or key fob for your car or truck, you don’t have to go to a dealer? Big Red Locksmiths provides new and reconditioned OEM Keys, transponder keys and key fobs for most cars at a fraction of the price and can do it while you wait and you don’t need to make an appointment.

Do You Know How to Fix a Jammed Lock?

Do you know that if you have to wiggle or jiggle your key to get it to work, you may cause damage to the lock or even break the key off in the lock? To save money, you should first try to lubricate the lock with a silicon based spray (never oil). If that does not work, call a reputable locksmith to cut a new key by code or repair the lock before it locks up completely.


Locksmith Humor

At Big Red Locksmiths we understand that having a lock or key emergency can be an unpleasant and stressful experience, so on behalf of our team we present you with some lighthearted humor to lift your spirits and hopefully hep you crack a smile or two while you wait.





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