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Big-Red-Locksmiths-locksmith-services-in-OmahaGetting locked out of your home, car or business is no little inconvenience. And, when it happens to you, this all-too frequent occurrence becomes a real life crisis that you’d just as soon keep from happening again. The great news is that Big Red Locksmiths has handled thousands of lockout situations in its 25 years in business. We’ve seen some really creative ways to both avoid and handle the problem when it occurs.

Preventing a lockout is highly related to employing some simple habits around key maintenance and control. But, if it does happen to you like millions of Americans every year, the most important thing is to remain calm and think through the problem.

Let’s start by looking at some things you can do to condition yourself to avoid a future lockout or to try first in the event it does happen:

Keep Your Keys in One Consistent Location

When you return home at the end of a day, get in the habit of putting your keys in the same place. When you get ready to leave, that should be a place you stop and pause each day to gather your keys and anything else you want to be sure to have when you leave the house.

Do a Mental Check Before Closing the Door

Taking just a moment to pause and double check before you walk out the locked door can avoid a lot of headaches later. If you usually keep your keys in your pocket or purse, stop and make sure you’ve got them before you exit. You might also want to be sure you have your lunch, wallet, cell phone, etc. If you can stop for just a moment and go through this mental check, you’ll be less likely to leave without an important item like your keys.

Make Sure Your Keys are in Good Working Order

You don’t have to forget your keys to run into a lockout situation. Keys that are used a lot or the locks themselves can become unusable if they aren’t in good repair. If a key becomes bent or if you notice your locks sticking or being difficult, don’t wait until you are locked out or the key is broken inside the lock to implement a fix.

While there is regular maintenance that can be done on your own to keep keys and locks functional, Big Red Locksmiths provides cost-effective lock repair services for just such an occasion.

Keep Spare Keys

It’s never a good idea to hide a spare key to your home in a predictable place or to leave a set of car keys with your shady neighbor in case you become locked out. But having a duplicate key made can be an important and effective defense to avoiding a home lockout or car lockout situation. Keeping these duplicate keys in safe and accessible locations or with dependable friends or relatives can avoid some headaches later.

Avoid Over-Duplicating Keys

Just like making photocopies of documents, every time you make a copy of a copied key, the quality becomes more and more diluted. Always try to make copies of original keys whenever possible to avoid this from being a problem. Big Red Locksmiths has expert key cutting services available anytime you need quality spare keys produced.

Are All the Doors Locked?

Are there other entry doors to your home or business that would allow you entry? Before you panic, stop for a moment and ask if there is another way to get in. Are all of your car doors locked, or just the one you’re trying to open? With older cars, in particular, you may find you can open an alternate door and be on your way.

Keep Important Security Numbers in Your Phone

This doesn’t mean you should keep notes on your phone about security key codes, credit card pin numbers and the like. If you lose your phone, the last thing you want is to give someone a free pass to open your front door or clean out your bank account. Rather, it means acknowledging that we are all human and at some point, you’ll likely need the services of a professional locksmith.

Add Big Red Locksmiths to your contact list before you actually need us. Make sure the keepers of your spare keys are also in your go-to call list so you can easily contact them if the need arises. Consider us like “emergency contacts” because that is really what we are when a lockout occurs.

Lockouts happen. If you are looking for the best locksmith in the Omaha area, you don’t need to look any further than Big Red Locksmiths. Call 402-554-0499.


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