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Safe-Opening-Omaha-Locksmith-ServicesYou don’t need to own expensive jewelry or have a large stash of cash to justify installing a safe in your home or residence. For some, the convenience of keeping valuables close at hand is important. For others, they wish to live in peace of mind knowing they have a designated place to store valuables such as papers and documents in the event of a natural disaster. And, for hunters and residents with little ones, they use a safe to secure and store weapons such as guns or knives.

No matter the reason for needing a home safe, one of the hardest decisions is determining exactly where to place that safe inside of your home. Convenience is important, but you’ll want to be sure the safe itself and your valuables are located in the best place to ensure they are protected from the three biggest threats: burglary, fire, and flood.

Big Red Locksmiths has installed hundreds of residential safes and can provide you with recommendations based on your unique needs and home floorplan. In general, here are some considerations as you prepare to purchase or install a safe in your home, based on the three threats we identified; 

Burglary – It’s Better To Be Prepared

If you were a burglar, how would you gain access and begin your hunt for valuables? Can criminals peer into your windows or glass doors to get a mental picture of your home’s layout? Do you leave your doors, windows or sliding entry doors unlocked? The number one rule is to not make it easy for the criminal to nab your valuable possessions. Talk to your local locksmith about securing all possible points of entry into your home before you even consider installing a safe.

Once a thief gains entry, the usual path taken is straight to the master bedroom. Burglars will be looking for cash, jewelry, medication, and guns. If you install your home safe in this location, thieves have just hit the jackpot. They will assume it contains high-value items and will do whatever is necessary to get it open or out of your home. If you live in a high-crime area and you’re concerned about experiencing a burglary, look into investing in a safe with a UL burglary rating and ask your locksmith to identify a less conspicuous place to install it (think a guest closet or behind a kitchen cabinet).

Fire – What You Need To Know

Fire is the second biggest threat to your valuables and it is important to know that there is no such thing as a truly fire proof safe. If a fire burns hot enough or long enough your home safe and its contents will be destroyed.

For fire protection, we recommend installing your safe on the inside corner of two exterior walls way from a kitchen, fireplace or garage (where most fires start). Also, remember that heat rises, so installing your safe on the first floor is a better choice than the second or higher floors.

Flood – How To Protect Your Valuable Documents

As you might expect to avoid flood damage or if you live in flood-prone areas, it is best to ask your locksmith to install the safe above ground. In some areas where water tables are high and floods are common, homeowners can have a concrete or steel base installed to keep the home safe off of the floor.

Adding layers of protection for your paper documents are always a good idea. Several Big Red Locksmiths customers valuable documents in a watertight container before securing them inside the safe.

So, Where Should We Install the Safe?

Now that you know the likely threats, where would you think is the absolute worst place to install a safe? If you said the garage, you’re right. Not only is the risk of burglary, fire, and flooding greater in garage spaces, there’s a high chance the things stored in the safe could be damaged due to unstable temperatures. 

If you are hoping to identify the “best” place to install a home safe on your own, you may realize that contacting a locksmith that specializes in residential safe installation to help guide your decisions may save you time and frustration leading to being the investment for your valuables. 

The security of your home, family and the possessions you hold dear are extremely important to Big Red Locksmiths. Let our residential locksmith experts help you make the best decisions about safe installation and securing your home. Call 402-554-0499. 


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